Understanding DNA

DNA is the building block of life, a road map of how a cell can grow into a dog or a human. It is a random set of acids strung together like a binary computer program. DNA has all the secrets of evolution and health buried inside each strand.

Unfortunately, we have just begun to understand DNA and are far from decoding it completely.

Most people think a DNA test will tell them everything they need to know, that is from watching too many science fiction movies.

While techniques using CRISPR have begun to allow us to modify DNA, correct flaws or change how someone might look, this is still at the genetic hacking level. Try this and that and see what happens.

While our understanding of DNA is string considering how new the science is, we are a long way from being able to sequence a strand of DNA and building a computer model of the person it came from.

Dog Pop DNA testing labs are primarily established as commercial factories performing one specific test to match dog with their own poop. They can be very accurate and efficient often performing tests for under $50.

But sequencing DNA is very different and the cost of sequencing one stand of DNA could easily cost $50,000.00 or more.

For this reason, most DNA tests are very specifically targeting small areas of the DNA that are know to relate to specific diseases or health issues.

Those areas of the DNA are duplicated using PCR and the the sequencing is just a few binary digits and not billions. This makes it more affordable to find out if your dog has any known genetic flaws without spending $50,000.

It also means you only get one result, a yes or no to a single test.

So there are thousands of tests for endless breeds of dogs to make those determinations. The more you want to check, the more you will have to pay for those tests.

One DNA test will not tell you the life history of your dog any more than one human DNA test will give you all the answers about your own medical history.

If it was that simple, we would not need hospitals or doctors, just prick a finger and drop a sample of blood into a computer and the computer would pop out a pill with a DNA adjustment to fix your problem before it is ever a problem.

We could alter our DNA to make ourselves younger, stronger, thinner or smarter.

While they do it in the movies, it is still a fantasy in real life, a dream we al have and wish for, but not a scientific reality.