Dog Poop DNA Testing

Many people believe that dog poop can be used to determine the breed of a dog. Unfortunately for many dog owners that have had a dog pass and want to find out what the dog's breed was, it cannot be done from dog poop left in the back yard.

In fact, most dog poop testing companies like Mr Dog Poop do not do any breed testing, the simply match dog poop with the dog that poop it.

Trying to identify the breed of a dog using dog poop have many issues, the biggest one being that most dog poop only have a tiny amount of the dog's DNA and samples are usually degraded by enzymes and acids from the dog's digestive tract.

So companies that do breed testing require a cleaner, more substantial amount of DNA from actual tissue samples, blood or most popularly a swab of the dogs inner cheek to collect buccal cells or skin cells from inside the dog's mouth.

This also means that a dog's hair is also not a viable DNA source for breed testing. Hair does not actually have any DNA, however the root of the hair does contain mitochondrial DNA, however that is only 1/2 of the DNA and is not a viable DNA source either.

It would be nice if you could just pick up a piece of dog poop and easily identify everything about the dog, breeds, genetic flaws or potential problem the dog may have as it gets older, but that wont happen.

In fact, getting DNA from dog poop is quite complex and require much more effort and cost that getting DNA from blood cells or skin cells.

At DNA Dog Poop we discuss specifically the processes of and the uses for DNA collected from Dog Poop and try to dispel the idea that dog poop is the main source for DNA all things dog related.