Pooprints VS Mr Dog Poop

Today most multi family communities are looking for a dog poop DNA provider to help manage or avoid the dog poop problems that come with having inconsiderate neighbors.

There are just two companies providing such a service both with very different company structures and services. Both have experience and for most part can deliver the products they advertise.

So what are the differences between Mr Dog Poop and Pooprints?

Pooprints has several more years of experience in the market but Mr Dog Poop has the advantage of learning from Pooprints mistakes and creating a better program overall.

Mr Dog Poop has improved greatly the services being offered with better technology and faster more complete collection kits. Mr Dog Poop manufactures it's own collection kits and therefore has better quality control over products but more importantly can change the products as needed and continues to make the kits better.

Pooprints claims to have more experience, but what good are a few years more of experience if they have not used what they learned to improve their processes and products? Just because you have been doing something for 5 years does not mean you are good at it. The lack of innovation over their lengthy reign as the leader in the dog poop DNA market does not speak well about a company in an advanced technology market.

Conversely, Mr Dog Poop created faster drying kits and considerably more DNA markers to get more complete profiles and better poop match results.

Of course, most communities are looking at costs which impact who can afford to live at each community. Again, Mr Dog Poop has managed to use advanced technology creating amazing operations software to further reduce costs. With realtime access to data, billing and poop matches, communities can track every action right from mrdogpoop.com.

Pooprints charges up front fees and requires communities to purchase kits in advance while Mr Dog Poop offers no start up cost and provides the collection kits to communities at NO Charge.

Mr Dog Poop has created a program that cost nothing to get started and simply bills communities $34.95 for each new dog that moves into the community making the program very affordable.

Mr Dog Poop evaluated the Pooprints program and found that the cost of testing poop was causing communities to stop using the program at an alarming rate. This prompted a change in the pricing the minimize the cost of poop testing.

While most Pooprints distributors charge upwards of $100 including the collection kits, Mr Dog Poop charges just $50 for matched samples and only $25 in the sample cannot be matched.

One of the big differences in the pricing is due to the "Middleman Effect". Pooprints uses middlemen called distributors that mark up the costs and make money for simply being authorized distributors or franchises. This drives up the costs and creates uncertainty in pricing across the USA since each distributor can set their own prices.

Mr Dog Poop on the other hand deals directly with the end user and has standard pricing for all communities regardless of location or the number of dogs in the community.